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World Suicide Prevention Day

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That hashtag means so much to so many of us. I have been getting better and after 7 years I can say, I am good. I wrote the following paragraph originally in 2016 and it still rings true.

I still sell the #alwayskeep fighting bracelets. Let’s raise some more money for these charities.

Today is September 10, 2016, and it is World Suicide Prevention Day

Up until last year, I did not even know that this day existed. Up until last year, I didn’t even know it was ok, to talk about my depression and my anxiety in public. And in the past, I have been afraid to talk about it.

But Last year in March a wonderful man named Jared Padalecki changed that for me. He started the #alwayskeepfighting campaign. I remember when I saw his shirt campaign on I was crying, the message he had written with the shirt spoke to me. It made me feel better about myself, and I realized that it was ok to talk about it. If Jared was able to talk about it so was I.
Then I started to research how to have wristbands made and I did get them made and started to sell them with all the proceeds going to charity.
So far I have been able to make 2 $1000 donations, one to “To Write Love On Her Arms” and one to “Attitudes In Reverse or A.I.R.” I also have some more money aside from more bracelet sales that will to Jared and Jensen’s “Pack Fund”
If you would like to purchase one of those bracelets you can get them here: #alwayskeepfighting bracelets

If you feel suicidal please call a hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or talk to a friend, but please please please find help. <3

Other resources:
Local Resources thru ToWriteLoveOnHerArms
Recources from Attitudes in Reverse
Veteran’s Crisis Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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