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Meet the Team Sew-Geek

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Hi, my name is Claudia,

I am the main designer here at Sew-Geek. Usually, I am also the one that does most of the production. Born in Switzerland, I learned how to knit, sew, crochet and tons of other crafts in school. My dad passed his drawing skills down to me. In my spare time, I love to read, cook, workout, spend time with my family and being an actor at Sherwood Forest Faire.

Sew-Geek is a dream come true for me, to help share the items I love with other Geeks.


is our go-to gal. They are our part-time designer and production helper. They are also Claudia’s greatest inspiration. When they’re not studying for college, they work at the Alamo Drafthouse or work on Cosplays. Their favorite Video game is Dead by Daylight.  You can find them as an Actor at Sherwood Forest Faire.


Check out their Art and Cosplays at Aspiring Anika

Steven is head of operations, or it’s what we like to call him. He makes sure our equipment runs and when Claudia has some crazy ideas, he makes sure she doesn’t get to crazy.

He likes to run, watch movies and find cool stuff to 3D print. He is also involved at Sherwood Forest Faire

Lars is our newest (Family)member to join in production and you will see him more often at Conventions as well. He is a Theater Geek, loves video games. He is also a Deputy at Sherwood Forest Faire. His ambition is to grow an epic beard.

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  1. Shelly Dalton

    Always nice to see the faces of the talent, behind the products! Have some of your shirts and wear them proudly!


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