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Get your own Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester Dolls

I am sure by now you have seen my Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester Dolls, they usually sit in my booth. They make the perfect business card holders and I lovingly call them my booth babes. Some of my customers wanted to buy than right on the spot and some asked me to make them custom dolls. But dolls are not what I do, so I figured I will write a blog post. Here you will find out where to buy the component. Just be aware it is not cheap. Most everything I purchased has come from overseas, so please be aware it takes at least 4 weeks to get some items.


The heads were purchased on eBay, here are the links for them:

I know there are some cheaper versions on eBay, but I am not certain they are as good as the ones I received. I am very happy with the sculpt and paint of the ones I received.


I purchased this body from Aliexpress. I like that they have a version that is taller, so Sam is actually taller.  Now I remember I had some issues with getting Dean’s head on the body, but I remember it to be an easy fix. But don’t ask me how. I don’t remember.


The clothes are a mixture from Ali Express, Wish and eBay. When you search, just search for 1/12 scale male doll clothes. Some offer a full set, jeans, plaid shirt and belts. Sam’s Puma shoes, I customized myself, I just got sneakers and painted them to look like the Pumas. The Eye of the Tiger and Whippet shirts I made. Since I own a T-Shirt business it was easy for me to make those. I am more than happy to make them for you, at $25 a shirt. The Whippet shirt is hand-dyed purple, as there are no purple doll shirts out there.


Again, most of them come from eBay and Aliexpress. The guns, were black when they got to me and I painted them myself and made them look like Sam and Dean’s. The laptop decals are water slide decals, if you are interested in getting those, I can help you out as well.   That is it for this small quick list. I hope you are having fun with you Mini Sam and Dean. And send me pictures if you get yours done. I think that would be so much fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here Keep on Hunting.



  1. Danny duran

    Thank you!

    • Claudia Drinovsky

      you are welcome

  2. Dede

    I thought the dolls were 1/6 not 1/12???

    • Sew-Geek

      It’s confusing, some say it’s 1/6 some it’s 1/12 the dolls are about 12″ tall I belie
      ve that is more of a 1/12 scale than 1/6.


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