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Hello Geeksters,

in this blog post, I am explaining what is going on with Sew-Geek and Charity.

for the past 10 years,  I have tried to donate monthly to a charity. I say tried because over the past year, it was not possible. Last year Sew-Geek was hit hard, in January I lost my sublimation printer due to the freeze and power outages here in Texas. Then in July my laser my broke and I had to replace it, thank goodness for Glowforge’s amazing customer service. And then also my heat press went out. On top of that we dealt with a renovation in our bedroom due to a frozen pipe that burst above it in the attic.

So yeah needless to say it was a doozy. Because of some of those things, my mental health wasn’t the best and I struggled to keep up with all the requirements to run a successful business, but mostly social media which then showed in low sales.
As you can see this year isn’t much better.
Sew-Geek and Charity

Yup, those are my sales for 2022, which used to be sales numbers for 2 months. But I digress, we are here to talk about the charities I support. I just wanted to be transparent about why I wasn’t able to.
The main change is that I will no longer donate monthly, I will make quarterly donations. That way I can accumulate donation money and not pay out of pocket (which has happened before). I will post my donation receipts on the Facebook page and in my newsletter.

As always I am as transparent as possible. I hope that the rest of the year, sales will pick up, you can always see what charities I am donating to on my charity page. This concludes what is going on with Sew-Geek and Charity.

As always I wish you happiness and clear blue skies.



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