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RevelCon the little con that could

RevelCon is a very small convention in Houston, Texas. This was my 3rd time attending it as a vendor and as always I had a fantastic time.

RevelCon’s Motto is “The Little Con With Texas Size Heart” and that is exactly what it is.  This year was their 29th time of putting this wonderful event on. It was hosted at the Wyndham Houston West, right in the Energy Corridor.

This convention has the nickname “Relax A Con” and that it is, with around 100 members it is a very small con, but it is so much fun cause you get to know them over the years.

What I love

What I personally love about this convention is how relaxed the atmosphere is. The Vendors room had about 15 Vendors, from artists, a chiropractor, the Tea Lady to a Custom T-Shirt Vendor. But let us not forget the heart of this convention Zines.  Yes, they still sell Fanzines at this con. Some of them have the most beautiful artwork on them. It saddens me to see that at the age of digital, these Fanzines keep disappearing. I had never heard of them until I went to my first RevelCon, thanks to my friend Lisa, who is now on the ConCom. I had read fan-fiction, but only on sites, like Live Journal and AO3. It had not occurred to me that way before the internet, fans were writing fiction about their favorite characters and ships.


Programming is great too, there are lots of fandom panels, an art show, and auction. On Friday there is an ice cream social and Saturday night is the banquet and Cabaret. The cabaret is put together by members and consists of songs, filk, skits and more. RevelCon also has a video room and awesome Vid Contest. You will find something to do.

Something very unique about RevelCon is their hospitality suite. It is accessible to anybody and there are lots of goodies. If you hungry you can find a snack or even make your favorite sandwich. If you just wanna take a break, there are coloring pages on the tables and you probably find someone that is in the same fandom as you and you can chat and make friends.

This year, I decided to cover my table and participate in the Make and Take and the tea party. It was so much fun. I made a super cute Supernatural Notebook and a Loki one for my daughter. The tea party is fun, there were cookies and lots of tea. I decided to try Triskelion which is a Teen Wolf Fandom Tea and it was delicious.

The food and the cabaret on Saturday were fun, even thou I was a bit sad, I did not win the Loki Basket. Sunday I went to my friend Hansi’s panel. She produces the Squee! The Fangrrl project. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. She is really awesome and is trying to preserve the history of women in the fandom.

As a little gift to myself, I commissioned Red Heron to make me a scooby Sam/Jared drawing. As a result I ended up with this little Gem:

So, in conclusion, if you ever in Houston at the end of March and are looking for a fun convention, I would recommend this one.

Happy Geekery,

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  1. Jan Meek

    Claudia, The Revelcon Concom thanks you for writing such a positive and comprehensive con log! We really appreciate all you do for our little convention. Can’t wait to see you next year!


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