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Props for Supernatural

 I ended up making a prop for Supernatural, however crazy that sounds.

This Story could drag out forever, but I try to make it short and sweet. The TV Show Supernatural used a Fan owned Impala and they wanted the weapons trunk filled. I had been working on this box for a while now as it had been seen in previous episodes “Heart” and recently in the Episode with Garth. It is the bullet box where the Winchesters store their Silver bullets in.

I get a call from Rick Blevins, from the Shop in Kansas. He was taking Bela to Chicago and he tells me that I better finish the box as they would like to have it as close to the real trunk as possible. I also make a replica of the Dream catcher and the blue beads that hang in the trunk. None the less, I actually finished the box in about a week. I had to lacquer it and I hand engraved the medallion on the top of the box. And my husband helped me make the insert for the actual bullets. But in the end, we sent the box and a dream catcher off.

Will my props be seen?

After the shoot was done I talked to my friend Rick, who took the car to Chicago. And he told me there was a chance that the trunk would be seen open.
Well, you did see the trunk open tonight and there on top is the box I made. This is just one of the most awesome things that ever happened to me.

Here are pictures of the box before I sent it and then a screen grab of it from the Episode.

Trunk Bloodlines

Blood Lines Pinterest

Thank you for all your support and making this happen.
I also wanna thank my friends Lisa and Adam and Ariel and Jamison for keeping me sane sometimes.
Also, my husband, who just puts up with all my Crazy.




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