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This is our link page, where you find all of our social media links, shop links and our Amazon affiliate link. 
We created our link page to make it easier for our followers to find things.

10 Year Birthday Giveaway Rules and Regulartions.

Click below to read the fine print our our Anniversary Instagram Giveaway, that stats June 1st and ends June 7th.


sew-geek shop

sew-geek is your source for handmade geekery. find T-Shirts, mugs, jewelry and much more. all made with much love and geekyness.





here I chat mostly about geeky stuff and post my Supernatural Merch 





here you find, that I am most active, I chat about kpop, social injustice and some supernatural.
Here I also post videos that I take while making merch.



Amazon Affiliate

I also have an Amazon store front, where I put all my favorite things like kitchen gadget, craft supplies and books. I will receive a small percentage from Amazon if you buy something via my link.