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July Favorites

It’s the end of July and as usual I am sharing my favorites I discover this month.

My July favorites contain books, TV shows and products that I adore.


The hat U give by Angie Thomas

I finally got a library card so I can get books on Audio to listen to while I work. And this one was available right away. It’s an amazing book and it put perspective into what is happening in the US. It is fiction, but it could have been ripped straight from the headlines. I can only recommend it.




Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon

I got this book for myself, my child has come out as non-binary and I wanted to learn and needed to know more. I follow Alok on Instagram and he explains it so well. I am so thankful for this book, it answered many questions. I can only recommend it.






Sillicone Valley on HBO

My child got HBO to watch this show and so we ended up watching it together. When we paid for HBO during Game of Thrones we watched it cause it was on afterwards. But I had forgotten how silly and fun it is. My husband enjoys it cause he can relate, since he works in the tech industry. We had great fun watching.

Ford vs. Ferrari

My husband and one of our Children went to see this in the movie theater. And enjoyed it very much. I grew up with Formula 1 racing. So I did watch it, the acting is great, and it’s a great story, that sticks mostly to the truth.





Starring Chris Hemsworth, now this is a movie I adore. I grew up with Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni (he is only in the story for a short time) Daniel Bruhl portrays Niki Lauda so well. And it made me feel all cozy inside, remembering the Sundays with my Dad (who passed away 19yrs ago) watching F1 and following the rivalries of the drivers. It’s a great movie.





Tabletop Teas

I can’t sing praises high enough for this shop. Tanya is amazing and flavor combinations. My favorite teas from hers are Mountain, it’s a light tea with cinnamon flavoring. Kravits is my morning tea, the blueberries, makes you feel like you eat a muffin. Please go check her out.


Tooting my own horn for a hot minute. Well Tanya’s from the aforementioned Tabletop Teas as well. We created two teablends that are based on the main characters of the Untamed from the Netflix show. And OMG they are so good.

LanZhan is a white tea with blueberries, and it is so light, it is a favorite of mine to drink in the evenings. WeiWuxian on the other hand will wake you up with it’s brilliant burbon laced black tea and rooibos mix.



Kati Tea Cup by Tea Forte

We got a new couch in March and it has cup holders, but none of my tea cups would fit. So I ended up ordering a Kati Tea Cup and I love it. It comes with it’s own strainer and lid. And makes the perfect tea every time. I am so happy that I ordered a 24oz. teapot as well and will review that next month.

Office Gear

Keyboard and Mouse

I upgraded my computer this month and figured mind as well replace the broken key board. I never bought a key board just for me, mine were always hand-me downs from my husbands work. And since my birthday is coming up I decided I will treat myself. So I got me this sweet pink setup.




Conquest Journals

I saw on instagram that Conquest Journals was having a sale on Supernatural Items, so I snagged up Dean Winchester and the Sam Winchester Journals for $8.99 each, which I think is a steal and I got me a set of stickers as well. The Dean Journal is a sketchbook and the Sam one has lines for traditional journaling. They also offer a Cas one which is set up for bullet journaling.

New Happy Planner

I have been using happy planners for a couple of years now, and I love that I can franken-planner them. I was in the market for a new Planner and found one that I don’t even have to mess with. The criteria were it needs to be vertical weekly layout and have 18months. And the Boho Stargazer fit it all. And I love the monthly dividers in it. The bonus was that it was on sale at Michael’s for 30% off, which is always a good thing.


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