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Why is Grow my word for 2021?

2020 is behind us and thanks to my wonderful customers, I am still here. Last year has been a bit of a Doozy business-wise for me. After 8 years I was very close to close the doors on Sew-Geek. But thanks to the support y’all have given me, I feel regenerated and want to keep going.

in 2021 my goal is to grow as a business, but in the sense of growing my merchandise, streamlining it more, also expand my roots a bit into more generic geeky things with snark. Supernatural will always be around as it is my biggest love. And as Dean told Sam, we need to #alwayskeepfighting and carry on.

I also want to grow as a person, I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression, but in recent months I have started to journal and that seemed to help me tremendously dealing with some of the past. So I am growing to learn to live my life as best as I can. Paying it forward when I can, as we have been very fortunate this past year.

2021 what’s to come?

I have a few things, I am growing my Facebook live sales, the sew-bows will only be available there. I plan on holding a sale, once a month. And to grow my business online I made the decision to no longer do Conventions in the future. They haven’t been great sales-wise in the past two years and so it was an easy decision to switch.

I am also working on growing my original art and getting back into drawing. I hope to create more pins for you and am in the proto-type stages of making some cool acrylic key chains.

Early in December I also added my own fashion brand “Deadheart” comfort wear to the website. As of right now, I have Hoodies and men’s lounge pants available but will eventually add more clothing.

You might also have noticed that I have two affiliate links in my side bar. One is for and the other is for my favorite things on Amazon. Feel free to check them out.

I am excited for 2021 and growing Sew-Geek with you.

Here is to 2021



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