Our Friends

Pamela Queen Glass

She makes the most beautiful items out of glass that you could want.

Anonymouse Art

Geeky and original art made by my kiddo.




Want to know what is happening with BTS? Then this is the website for you. It has everyting all at once.

Wayward Geeks

home of the exclusive “the road so far” card game. with all original artwork by kamidiox¬†

Tabletop Teas

The most awesome geeky tea blends in the verse. If you don’t believe me, try for yourself.

Space City Cupsleeve Calendar

Wanna know what’s happening in Houston? This cupsleeve calendar is trying to keep track.¬†

Geekorium's hand- crafted Emporium

A group of nerdy/geeky vendors that put on a market once a month on FB.

Renegade- the most important obeject in pretty much the universe

The best impala you can find at Texas Conventions or your wedding.

Supernatural Angel Inc.

hilly the hillywood parody car, does good at conventions and has amazing props for sale