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  • Fri-Yay Musings

Today’s Blog was supposed to be about what I pack for a weekend getaway. But thanks to Hurricane Laura our plans changed. Better safe than sorry and yes we are safe. So I posted in my Sew-Geekster group about Fri-Yay and my Geeksters should post something that makes them happy. Hence I decided to write about it in this Fri-Yay Musings.

Find Happiness in small things

These past 5 months have not been easy. March 14th was the last time I went on an outing with friends. This weekend we were supposed to go to Tennessee and meet up with some of the same friends. But Hurricane Laura had other plans. We canceled cause we did not want to leave our mostly grown kids alone. Just in case.

Well Laura decided to miss us and we didn’t get even one drop of rain and that is good. I can see my friends another time.


My family is my life and they make me happy. My 17-year-old son did not like Virtual School in the spring, but the other day he came in and told me that this time it is structured like real school. He has a virtual bell schedule and he loves order and knowing what’s when. That gives me joy.

The oldest child started College classes on Monday and also likes it. They come and tell me small bits and pieces, like hearing the distinct sound of a German ambulance in the background. Which makes them believe that their German Teacher is in Germany. Which is really funny to me.

Hearing my husband at a meeting or having to tell him it’s time for dinner, cause he is so engulfed in his work. Counting our blessings that he still has a job thru all of this.


Fandoms are what drive me, You the readers are my inspiration and why I do what I do.

  • Supernatural – is my love, seeing the cast posting pictures of their lasts makes me incredibly sad, knowing that November 19th will be the last Episode. But it makes me happy for them to be able to explore new things. I will definitely watch Walker and give “The Boys” another try. I have gained so much from Supernatural these past 8 Years. I found friends and even Family, cause you know “Family don’t end in blood”
  • Chinese Dramas – I discovered them in April and I am hooked. They are fun to watch and even thou some of them are really long (50 Episodes) they are worth watching. My favorites are the Costume Dramas, just for the costumes alone. The sets are amazing and as someone that loves Architecture, it’s just beautiful.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender – My family again, all of us love this show and we watch it together. We started to watch the Legend of Korra as well and I like it a lot.


So these are my Fri – Yay Musings and what makes me happy at the moment. It’s the little things in life.

Much love


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