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Dean Winchester Jewelry

Here is a quick list of Dean Winchester Jewelry, when he wore it. I also included links where some of the items can be purchased.

The Skull Bracelet

This all began with the Skull bracelet, I really wanted one for myself so I did a lot of research and screen grabs to get the right sequence of the beads. Finding the black skull beads to this day is the hardest part of it. But I finally found a good place that hopefully has them for a while.
The white beads, I actually dye in tea,  Rooibos gives it that really nice aged look.
He wore this bracelet all thru season 5. At the beginning of Season 6, it had disappeared.

Dean Skull Bracelet

The Elephant Hair Bracelets

In season 1-2 he wore these Elephant Hair Bracelets. My bracelets are made of leather and not Elephant hair. I called them that cause the way they are knotted is very common in bracelets made from Elephant hair. No Elephants are harmed in the process of making my bracelets.

Dean Winchester Elephant Hair Bracelets.

Dean’s Ring

Dean Winchester also wore a ring up till Episode 7 in Season 5. Some speculated that it was Mary’s wedding ring, but I don’t believe that since her ring had a diamond. Why did the ring disappear? Jensen Ackles explains it here on the SuperWiki Page.

The Samulet

The Samulet, as it is referred to by the fans, is a brass Pendant given to Dean by Sam in the Episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas”. It was intended for John Winchester, but he didn’t show for Christmas, therefore Sam gave it to Dean. Bobby Singer acquired the amulet for Sam.
Later on, he gives it to Castiel to find God, but Cas returns it without luck and Dean throws it in the trash. Lots of Fans speculate that Sam retrieved it from the trashcan and will return it to Dean at some point.
We saw a replica Samulet in Episode 10.05 Fan Fiction.

My friend Richard Berman makes a wonderful Replica of the Samulet shown below.


Images: Courtesy of CW and Richard Berman

I have been getting messages that people don’t know how to make the Elephant hair bracelet bigger or smaller. So here is a video of a simple sliding knot and that is what I use to make those bracelets.

Hope that will help you.

Thank you



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