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My favorites during COVID-19

This week marks week 6 of everyone being at home in our household during COVID-19. For me personally not much has changed, as I already worked from home. There were some adjustments we had to make, like moving my husband to the dining room after the first week, so that the rest of us could use the kitchen (it was the breakfast nook before) My 17-year-old son told me that he pretty much trained for this all his life, being an avid gamer. I love that he and his older sibling get along and I can hear them quite often play rainbow six together.

We are very fortunate, that my husband still has his job and is able to work from home. Sew-Geek has been doing well too, thanks to all of your support.

Here are some of my favorite things I discovered or use during this Quarantine:



Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I don’t have a switch, but this little app is a fun little time-waster because you start to care what the campers think of your campground. The seasonal events are fun as well.

Pocket Camp


The Untamed

This is a Chinese Drama, it has 50 subtitled episodes. So if you can’t watch and read, this might not be for you. I just enjoyed the beautiful costumes. The tale of two young men during their journey in Ancient China is beautiful, sometimes a bit ridiculous, but all in good fun. It is based won a Boy Love novel, even though the makers tried to make it straight. The two main actors managed to do the opposite, just with small gestures and their looks. Check it out it is beautiful and perfect to binge during COVID-19

The untamed

The King’s Avatar

This is another Chinese show, it has 40 Episodes, I am only on episode 6 and I am hooked. It’s about a pro gamer that is sort of forced into retirement. He gets a job in an internet cafe, as a result he slowly gathers a new team. It’s fun to watch and the “in Game” graphics are pretty cool.


My family is doing a full Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronological Rewatch. Spiderman Homecoming was skipped, due to it being on Hulu as a Sony Movie.  We are having fun doing this as a family.


I try to read, but sometimes, that’s just not happening.

The Thrawn Trilogy is still in my kindle, and in between, I read fan fiction. I also am reading the Novel that “The Untamed” mentioned above, is based on.  You know me, I am a slow reader.


Self Care:

I bought one of these scalp massagers for shampoo. And OMG it’s one of the best things. I love how it makes my scalp tingly. I am not sure it will help with dandruff, but I don’t care, cause the massage just feels nice and refreshing. I got mine on Amazon.

scalp massager


Ritual of Sakura Hand Balm by Rituals:

I have eczema on my fingers, and keeping my hand hydrated is important. Especially while making masks. The fabrics soak up any oils on my hands and dry them out quicker than normal. This doesn’t help prevent outbreaks, but it makes the outbreaks more bearable. Cortisone has proven to be not effective, therefore  I would rather not use it. Ritual of Sakura is my favorite smell, it’s Cherry Blossoms. I love that it soaks in fast and doesn’t leave a residue.

Imperfect foods: 

This is an affiliate link but I have used them for over 6 months now, but they have come in handy the last few weeks, to get fresh produce and eggs delivered to our door. You can pick and choose what you want. If you sign up through my link you will get $10 towards your first box. And I will receive $10 too.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself during COVID-19

I hope you enjoy these favorites during this time.

Stay healthy and safe.

**there are some affiliate links in this blog post.


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