Why donate to Charity?

Sew-Geek donates 5% of its net sales and a minimum of $50 per quarter to a charity.

I used to donate every month, but haven’t been able to due to very low sales. I hope this will change again soon as we are in this difficult economic time.

As of July 2022 I will be donating again and to make sure I can help best, the donations have been changed to quarterly instead of monthly.

The reason why

I truly believe in karma and that paying it forward is a way of life.

I have been given so much in my life that it is time for me and my business to give back to communities and charities. We donate to charities we believe in, and they are chosen carefully.

One of our biggest requirements is that they have to have very low administrative expenses. That ensures that the donations have the biggest impact they can.

If you would like to suggest a charity, please contact us via the contact form on the right.



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charities for 2022

3rd Quarter – Trevor Project

As a non-binary person, this charity is dear to my heart. They work relentlessly to help LGBTQ plus youth to survive.

4th Quarter – National Abortion Funds

This may change depending on the Laws in Texas. I am a firm believer in my body my choice and some of these Laws endanger lives.