August Favorites

August is my Birthday Month and with Quarantine and all, it was an interesting month. We were supposed to head to Tennessee for a weekend, but sadly Hurricane Laura put a stop to that. But nonetheless, I have some August Favorites for you.


The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

This is the novel that inspired one of my favorite shows, “The Untamed” on Netflix. It is a Chinese novel, but don’t despair, there is an English translation. It is online, but if you are like me you can just copy and paste and make your own pdf to read on your device. There is no official Translation, yet, and the translators from the site, do not permit me to post the pdf*.  It is very long, over 1000 pages and it took me ages to finish it. But this book definitely brought back my love for reading again. Warning, there is homosexuality in the book at the end. But the story talks about how the two main characters fall in love with and overcome quite a bit to be with each other. The actors on the show did the characters in the book so much justice, despite the Censorship of the Chinese Government.

*you may ask me for the pdf via e-mail


Gank your Heart is a fun Chinese Drama, I started watching it because Wang Yibo, one of the Actors from “The Untamed” is in it. And it has actually been quite fun. It’s about love and Esports. And it takes the two main characters, quite a while to get together.




Handsome Siblings is another Chinese Costume Drama, and it was fun to watch as well. It’s about two brothers, separated at birth and then raised to become sworn enemies. The costumes and the fighting scenes are amazing. You can watch this on Netflix. I was also a bit taken, by Hu Yitian, he plays the sibling in the white robes. He is 6’2″ tall and we all know how I feel about tall men. (Jared Padalecki)






Courtney P Design Perfume Oils

I got some perfume rollers from Courtney P Designs and holy moly, they are amazing. They smell so delicious. I ordered Hufflepuff and Persephone, they are perfect for my body chemistry and smell so good. They come in beautiful cobalt glass bottles and at $13 each they are very affordable. You should try them.



Yes, the list this month is a bit short, but I promise that September will be much better.


But for now, have an amazing week.





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